Great Libraries of the World (GLOW) is a project in honor of librarians, curators and subject specialists whose passion and work focus on two goals:

1) preserving the stories of our culture and
2) invigorating society by encouraging enquiring minds.

Our mission:
GLOW’s mission is to to cast light on the many ways librarians inspire us to be curious, creative and capable.

GLOW started it’s mission in early 2008, as difficult, economic times started to impact worldwide libraries and cultural heritage institutions, putting them and their collections at risk. Leveraging economical and pervasive technology, GLOW set out to expose a broader, worldwide audience to the gifts and insights these institutions oversee by providing a virtual experience to all. GLOW combines unique footage, perspectives and treasures from these institutions providing many people the privilege to experience these wonderful places while sitting at any computer.

Non-profit status:
As a key initiative sponsored by the Poniecki Foundation, GLOW is a non-profit California public benefit corporation. Contributions are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.


CC Attribution Non Commercial No Derivatives LogoGLOW is produced under a Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial Share Alike License. For details, see:

If you would like to see GLOW and its institutions continue, please consider making a contribution via the Donations page or the Store. Thank you.