GLOW is fortunate to have a diverse Advisory Board from around the world to guide the priorities and direction of this key initiative sponsored by the Poniecki Foundation. Each Board member brings select expertise and passion to ensure the success of GLOW as it continues to expand to more libraries around the world.

GLOW Advisory Board

Martin Gammon (US)
Bonham & Butterfields, San Francisco

Peter Selz (US)
Professor Emeritus, University of California

Maria Sliwińska (PL)
Director, ICIMSS, Toruń, Poland

Nigel Frith (UK)
Publications Group, London

Claudio Marinucci (CH)
Swiss Federal Institute for Technology, Lausanne, Switzerland

Poniecki Foundation Board of Directors

Stefan Dodds Grycz
Executive Director
Wandzia M. Rose
Monica Dodds Grycz
Chief Financial Officer
Ryszard Gajek
Krysia Grycz
Board Member
Board Member
Board Member